Hollaender Helps Restaurants Solve Social Distancing Dilemma

On Monday, October 19, The Times Square Alliance, celebrated recent pandemic-driven projects in public spaces in New York City. The Hollaender Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio was a major player in the project, which took back street lanes and carved out space for curbside dining and office space in response to the pandemic.

The project was driven by the Brooklyn-based design firm Fantástica. Fantástica created their Fast Casual Street Furniture by integrating Hollaender Manufacturing’s Speed-Rail® aluminum pipe fittings and Yodock® safety barriers by Trinity Highway. The design created a marriage of aesthetics with utmost durability and unparalleled versatility. Fast Casual shows the power of great design not only to meet a crisis, but utilize it to enhance and transform resources that had gone overlooked: in this case, the underutilized or in some cases overused streets and parking lots.

Outdoor space has become a lifeline for restaurants and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has provided an opportunity to radically transform the streetscape and rethink our public spaces. Yet, beyond the socially distant world or COVID-19, there is a groundswell of demand to take back parking lots, dedicated parking lanes and other under-utilized sub-urban and urban areas to allow businesses to flourish.

With a flexible seating and dining module, thousands of Americans will have a safe and comfortable outdoor environment. This will provide businesses an efficient, ready-to-use solution to build out their frontage, parking areas and common spaces.

J. Manuel Mansylla, Founding Principal and lead designer of Fantástica said, “Restaurant owners don’t make their kitchen cabinets or utensils and similarly they shouldn’t have to build their own outdoor dining platforms. A lot of time is spent on making sure their restaurants have the right equipment, the right tools and lighting which is why we created Fast Casual.”

Hollaender is providing the engineering and production of tables and seating for this project and will continue to create modular kits, so that its network of architects, distributors and specifiers have access to the innovative design and system. Working with New York-based Fantástica, the company that designed the structures, there are three pilot projects: Times Square, Wall Street, and near the Empire State Building.

Hollaender manufactures pipe and fittings in their Cincinnati foundry. The structures can be customized, decorated, and painted. These structures can be used in endless ways. They are easily assembled in minutes and can be moved with little effort.

“Since the 1940’s Hollaender’s Speed-Rail® has been the structural support for many of the nation’s infrastructure projects. From NASA to the Army Corp or Engineers to thousands of contractors across the U.S., Speed-Rail ® has been a preferred choice, so we are happy to play a role in the development of Fast Casual,” said Todd Zureick, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Hollaender.