High-End Bars & Restaurants Get in on Takeout Too

E-commerce and delivery represent the contemporary evolution of commerce. The health emergency has significantly changed the habits and everyday moments of many people, such as going to restaurants or using commercial services. Restaurants, primarily pizzerias and other realities more accustomed to the takeaway food formula, have increasingly equipped and organized to deliver food at home, activating food delivery services. A necessity that gave rise to a trend that takes into account even the Michelin Guide, which for the 2021 edition has also introduced evaluation criteria for delivery and take away services.takeout Host Milano

Innovation, a theme widely treated by HostMilano, always attentive to the dynamics that involve the hospitality world, has played undoubtedly a key role for the revitalization of companies that have seen in the technology applied to e-commerce services and delivery, the possibility of new forms of sales, refining the techniques of food packaging and transport.

From the delivery mainly focused on the big cities and the pizza-hamburger-sushi trinomial, a more structured service is beginning to be conceived, representing for bars and restaurants the only option, during periods of lockdown, to stay in touch with the customer. Many restaurateurs are trying to create a personalized experience, through packaging, social media and runners.

An interesting alternative has been developed also by the world of Michelin star restaurants, able to offer gourmet cuisine specially designed for the transport and stored inside a paper box, perhaps recyclable and eco-sustainable. Dishes to be presented directly on the table, or to be completed with some small tips from the chef, to engage the customer to feel part of a project that aims to arouse emotions also at home.

In the high-end sector in particular, because of the importance covered by the relationship with the customer, restaurants wanted to do more, customizing the experience, communicating better. Interesting ideas and practices were born, and probably are here to stay.

Takeout Host Milano

  • Runner as ambassadors: they must convey security and honour the name they represent. Runners, containers and means of transport that stand the route and antibacterial films, are the cornerstones. Many used the staff at home. The extra idea? Make them ambassadors. Also through the uniform that transmits cleanliness and professionalism.
  • Eco-friendly transport: delivery, especially in the city, is made by cargo bikes or by electric means, because the environmental theme will come out of the pandemic even more strengthened.
  • Rethinking the menu: it must be “delivery-ised”. Not all dishes are suitable for transportation and it will be necessary to create an ad hoc menu for deliveries.
  • Half at the restaurant half at home: among the solutions the ”box ” of materials and semi-finished products appeared with some cooking to be done at home.
  • Social delivery: Social medias during the lockdown were real allies for many chefs, and they can still be useful. It is possible to send instructions following a delivery via whatsapp or advice for the mise en place or a mini video with the steps to complete the ordered dish at home.

Throughout Italy there are many starred restaurants with delivery and takeaway services, from Cannavacciuolo Bistrot in Turin to Berton in Milan, passing through Il Santo Bevitore in Florence, Osteria Fernanda in Rome or La Cantinella in Naples

Photos (top to bottom): Photo by Jacky Tan on Unsplash; Jacoby Clarke from Pexels