Indaba Wines Featured on South African Airways

Indaba Sauvignon Blanc and Indaba Chenin Blanc have been chosen as two of the six large volume selections for global Economy Class that will be served on South African Airways (SAA) in 2015. Proceeds from sales will be used to support the Winelands Early Learning and Living program in South Africa.
Chosen from over 800 wines tasted, the Indaba Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc will be packaged in recyclable, 187ml burgundy shaped, PET bottles and will be available on both domestic and international flights. Sauvignon Blanc will run from July – September and Chenin Blanc from October – December.
“This is a significant accomplishment for Indaba and South African Wines in general. In addition to the volume, the brand will also get great exposure worldwide. The annual wine selection is one of SAA’s most important traditions. SAA is a showcase for South Africa on many fronts, and we’re pleased to feature our excellent local wines,” says SAA’s Global Food and Beverage Manager, Bongi Sodladla.
One significant contributing factor in SAA’s decision was Indaba’s commitment to social responsibility via education. “This broader social scope has always been a key part of the Indaba philosophy, and now a portion of the proceeds from the brand’s global sales fund the Indaba Education Fund (IEF) which currently supports the WELL Project (Winelands Early Learning & Living) in South Africa,” said Andre Shearer, CEO of Cape Classics. WELL is a collaboration of the IEF, the Sustainability Institute and the Newberry House Montessori School. Together, these organizations work to support early childhood development by providing infrastructure, learning materials and teacher training at schools established for wineland workers’ children.
“The Indaba Education Fund and SAA are taking it one step further, working with the Future Project, a remarkable organization that finds human solutions to transform any high school into a place of possibility by training a unique collection of Dream Directors,” Shearer added “The Future Project and the Indaba Education Fund will also support the Dream Director vision to Africa, which focuses on Early Childhood Development. SAA will be providing transportation for Africa’s first Dream Director Candidate to travel to the U.S. for training at the NY Dream Director Academy in February 2015.
“By selecting Indaba Wines for 2015, South African Airways will automatically become a foundation partner to Indaba in the WELL Project, and the vision of transforming the educational opportunities of the most marginalized children of the wine industry will be strengthened. Together we can and will make a fundamental difference to their educational futures,” concluded Cape Classics’ Shearer.