Barefoot Wine Launches Bright & Breezy Lower-Calorie Wines

Just in time for summer, Barefoot, the most awarded wine and bubbly brand in U.S. competitions, is introducing three new lower-calorie varietals, Bright & Breezy Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay & Rosé*. These new wines are crafted to be fruit-forward, with expressive aromas, a light-bodied mid-palate and a clean finish.

barefoot wine summer

Award-winning Winemaker Jen Wall has worked with her team to craft these new crisp and refreshing wines with 70 calories, a 6% ABV and two grams of sugar per serving. Pairing perfectly with summer fruits, salads, and grilled chicken, Bright & Breezy is a perfect addition to summer celebrations and backyard BBQs.

“At Barefoot, we are passionate about creating a wide variety of products so that we have pleasing wines for each of our unique consumers,” said Barefoot winemaker, Jen Wall. “Barefoot Bright and Breezy is a great example of us widening our offerings, as these additions are delicious, light-bodied, and lower-calorie. Similar to our other varietals, Barefoot Bright and Breezy wines are crafted to be fruit forward, food friendly wines that consumers can enjoy at home or together with family and friends.”

  • Bright & Breezy Pinot Grigio combines the beautiful aromas of ripe pears and apples.
  • Bright & Breezy Chardonnay brings forward a citrusy pineapple.
  • Bright & Breezy Rosé nods to ripe, sweet cherries.

*Pinot Grigio & Rose: 42% fewer calories than our standard corresponding Barefoot varietal. Calorie content has been reduced from 120 to 70 calories per 5oz. serving.
*Chardonnay: *50% fewer calories than our standard Barefoot Chardonnay. Calorie content has been reduced from 140 to 70 calories per 5oz. serving.