Portofino Dry Gin Announces Nationwide Launch

Portofino Dry Gin is announcing a nationwide launch across the United States. Hailing from Italy’s town of Portofino, known around the world for its breathtaking view, iconic Italian scenery, beauty and charm, Portofino Dry Gin is bringing Italian authenticity and high quality, packaged in a striking, unforgettable design, to the United States.

portofino dry gin

“Portofino Dry Gin was founded as a tribute to my grandfather, Klaus Pudel,” says Ruggero Raymo, CEO and co-founder of Portofino Dry Gin. “He was admired for having saved Portofino from the destruction during World War II. Portofino is in the heart of the Italian Riviera, and the bottle design is an homage to the beautiful region. We are thrilled to bring a spirit that combines heritage and a sense of place to the US.”

Produced at an antique Italian distillery, Portofino Dry Gin (SRP $56.99) features 21 botanicals, each one carefully selected for its natural aromatic properties. Juniper, lemons, lavender, rosemary, marjoram, sage, iris and rose are organically grown in Portofino Dry Gin’s botanical sanctuary on the hills of Portofino and combined with locally handpicked ingredients to complete Portofino Dry Gin’s secret recipe. The region’s unique microclimate allows lush Mediterranean vegetation to grow year round, and each botanical is ripened by the fresh sea breeze and the warm sun of the Italian Riviera.

“We are so proud to bring Portofino Dry Gin to the US. It’s a major milestone in our company’s growth,” says Christopher Egger, CMO and co-founder of Portofino Dry Gin. “While we would love for everyone to experience the beauty and charm of our town of Portofino in Italy first-hand, we are thrilled that we can now bring that authentic Italian experience of charm and beauty to the US. You don’t have to travel to Portofino to experience Portofino!”

Imported to the United States by Artisanal Cellars, Portofino is available at select premium retailers including Eataly as well as nationally via Cask & Bar.