Brockmans Gin saw great success in 2015 growing 190% and securing distribution in more than 1,000 on- and off-premise accounts across its five markets. Part of this overwhelming success is due to the brand’s seasoned sales team surpassing and often doubling sales goals. To keep pace with the growing demand, Brockmans is expanding, adding four sales representatives to the team: Lily Chow in Massachusetts, Lisa Sagato and Vanessa Caso in New York, and Lisa Panteleakos in Connecticut and Rhode Island. The new Market Managers will be joining Matthew Argenti, in New Jersey and David McNicoll, in New York, who have been working with Brockmans since the brand’s U.S. launch in 2014.

Market Managers work with distributors in making account calls, gaining new distribution and reorders and working with accounts on tastings and display. Furthermore, Brockmans’ Market Managers are responsible for working closely alongside bar managers and bartenders to create cocktails and secure menu placements, and training the staff about this beautifully made gin.

“As a new-style gin unlike any other gin on the market, having a team of industry professionals to advocate for your brand and encourage trial among consumers and the trade is of the utmost importance,” said Bob Fowkes, Director and Co-Founder of Brockmans Gin. “Brockmans’ fan base continues to grow with more and more people adopting Brockmans as their white spirit of choice. Our Market Managers and our distributors have been instrumental in our early success. We are excited to take Brockmans Gin to the next level in the U.S. working with our expanded team of dedicated and passionate market managers.
Brockmans Gin is a super-premium, new style gin, which can be enjoyed neat over ice. Distilled in traditional copper stills, Brockmans balances a unique combination of traditional gin aromas, citrus, coriander and top notes of blueberries and blackberries to provide a refreshingly new gin taste experience. Based in the United Kingdom, Brockmans is now available in Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

Brockmans Gin is available in 750 mL at an SRP of $34.99. For more information, visit