Back Bar Project LLC, exclusive importers of Giffard Liqueurs announces a special edition, all natural, Crème de Rose liqueur. Giffard, the 5th generation, family-owned liqueur maker located in France’s Loire Valley since 1885 worked closely with the founders of Speed Rack, an all-female speed-bartending competition that raises money for breast cancer research. Speed Rack Black Rose Liqueur will be available starting December 14th in New York. Net proceeds of Speed Rack Black Rose will be donated in support of breast cancer awareness and education.
The finest quality petals of Moroccan Rosa Damascena are macerated in neutral beet spirit to extract their delicate aroma and flavor. Sugar and water are then added to the infusion to create this exquisite liqueur. The special label features Speed Rack’s notable black and pink logo.
Speed Rack, created by bar industry leaders, Ivy Mix and Lynnette Marrero, kicked off its fourth season on November 10th, 2014 in Washington DC. Mix and Marrero will be hosting all-women bartender cocktail competitions that raise money for breast cancer research in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Dallas and New York City. The Speed Rack National Finals will take place in New York City in June 7, 2015. In 2015, the tour will expand globally to Canada and France and continue efforts in the U.K., making Speed Rack the one and only all-female, international bartending competition. For a list of event dates, please visit
“We’re extremely excited to team up with our friends at Speed Rack and the Giffard family for this unique project and truly delectable liqueur!” said Jackie Patterson Brenner, National brand marketing director for Back Bar Project. “Speed Rack is such an important event for women in our industry and we’re honored to play a part in raising funds for breast cancer awareness.”
Speed Rack Black Rose Liqueur (20 percent ABV), will be available for $34.99 MSRP in all Speed Rack competition markets, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Illinois, Texas, California, Washington and Colorado, among others. For a complete list of availability, please visit It may also be purchased at Astor Wine & Spirits in New York.
Black Rose Sparkler
1 oz. Giffard Speed Rack Black Rose
3 oz. dry white wine
2-3 oz. chilled seltzer water
Build ingredients over ice and stir to combine, garnish with a lemon zest.

In 1885, in the small town of Angers, in the heart of the Loire Valley of France, Emile Giffard, a pharmacist with an inventive, curious nature and the palate of a gourmand was studying the digestive and cooling properties of mint. His research resulted in the invention of a clear, mint liqueur, steam-distilled from the Mitcham variety of peppermint that was immediately received with enthusiasm from the townspeople. As delicious as it was refreshing, Monsieur Giffard’s elixir was called Menthe Pastille after the mint candies that were so famous at the time.
Giffard parlayed the success of Menthe Pastille into a fully operational distillery that began to produce liqueurs, syrups, cordials and tonics from the rich bounty of local fruits and botanicals as well as the exotic spices and herbs that were brought in by ship on the Loire River from ports around the world. Four generations later, Giffard is still owned and operated by the same family which keeps the motto of quality without compromise for all of its products.
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Ivy Mix and Lynette Marrero, two industry leading New York women in the world of cocktails and bartending created the first Nation-wide cocktail competition that celebrates the talent of women bartenders while raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research. The service industry can sometimes be thought of as a man’s world. With Speed Rack, which they founded in February of 2011, Mix and Marrero have been able to shine a spotlight on female mixologists thriving behind bars around the country; and while they are at it, raise money for breast cancer research, education, and prevention.

The two got Speed Rack off the ground after Mix brought her concept of an all-female speed bartending competition to Marrero, the president of the NY chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails – an organization that promotes women in the spirit industry while raising funds for local and national charities.). The idea was to create a cocktail competition for the ladies -one that celebrated women, was created by women and supported women; in and out of the spirits industry. In their first year, Speed Rack met over 200 bartenders across the country and raised over $69,000.
To date, Speed Rack has raised more than $250,000. Now entering it’s fourth season and being produced by Le Jit Productions and Double Barrel Consulting. Additional information can be found on the Speed Rack website, on Facebook www.facebook/speedrackinfo and on Twitter @speed_rack.