Learn How to Take a Punch

Spring is finally here, and longer days, warmer nights, backyard barbeques and brunches, all call for thirst-quenching cocktails. This spring, instead of the usual warm-weather tipples, break with tradition and make punches derived from classic cocktails to keep you and your guests in high spirits.
The punch bowl was the center of every cocktail party for centuries until the cachet of individual drinks came into play. But who wants to mix drink after drink when you’ve got a grill to tend and guests to entertain?  This spring, continue the punch revival with supersized batches inspired by traditional and refreshing cocktails like the Tom Collins, Hemingway Daiquiri, Gimlet or Pimm’s cup. Fruit, spice and spirits like rum and gin evoke springtime in a punch bowl, while St-Germain artisanal French liqueur-based drinks add a touch of sophistication to daytime tippling. With the new wave of cocktail-inspired punches, at-home and outdoor entertaining are made easy all season long.

Punch Recipes Derived from Classic Cocktails
**All prepared in advance and add the ice at the last minute** (Mixologists suggest a single large block, frozen in a quart container or tuperware)