Celebrate National Hot Toddy Day

With winter weather upon us (finally!) and National Hot Toddy Day on January 11th, let us present the Castle Hot Toddy, a classic “winter” cocktail made with Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey.

Knappogue Castle Single Malt Whiskey is named after Knappogue Castle, a 15th century castle in western Ireland, restored by Mark Edwin Andrews II upon purchasing it in 1966. At the castle he amassed an impressive and rare collection of pure pot still whiskey; when the whiskey reached its peak age, it was bottled and named after his beloved Knappogue. The last of Mr. Andrews’s whiskey, Knappogue Castle 1951, is the oldest and rarest Irish whiskey in the world, and it is still available for purchase by special order.

Reconstructed by Joann Spiegel, Taproom Manager at the award winning Dead Rabbit in New York City, the Castle Hot Toddy is a great hot beverage for the looming colder months.

Castle Hot Toddy
Recipe courtesy of Joann Spiegel, bartender at the award winning Dead Rabbit in New York City, winner of the prestigious Spirited Award for World’s Best Cocktail Bar and Cocktail Menu (Tales of the Cocktail 2015).

• 1 oz Knappogue Castle 12 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey
• 1 oz Celtic Honey Liqueur
• Lemon wheel
• 5 – 6 cloves
• 1 cup hot water

Add Knappogue Whiskey and Celtic Honey to an Irish Coffee glass. Insert the cloves into your lemon wheel and drop it into the glass. Very gently muddle the lemon a few times to release the juices. Fill the glass with hot water.