A RumChata Thanksgiving

From fun celebrations to elegant dining to after feast relaxation, RumChata brand rum cream delivers the flavors of the Thanksgiving season. RumChata’s real dairy cream, cinnamon, sugar and vanilla blended perfectly with five times distilled Caribbean rum brings the most memorable flavors of this special holiday to everyone’s palate.

RumChata mixes perfectly with the season’s cold weather traditions such as hot chocolate, eggnog and coffee in addition to special seasonal flavor favorites.

The RumChata Pumpkin Pie Splash



Simply drop a shot glass of RumChata in your favorite glass of your favorite pumpkin ale

RumChata Cinnamon Toast
1 pt RumChata
1 pt Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire
Shake with ice and strain in to shot glass

RumChata Pumpkin Pie Martini
2 pt RumChata
1 pt vanilla vodka
1 pt pumpkin liqueur (or substitute with 3 tbs pumpkin pie filling)
Shake with ice and strain into martini glass – sprinkle with cinnamon