Introducing the New Shot Glass Range

Strahl polycarbonate beverageware is known by many as the world’s best alternative to glass, combining elegance and strength with versatility. Strahl beverageware is now adding a new range of Shot Glasses to its extensive collection of beverageware. The new range of shot glasses comes in three convenient sizes with pour lines marked. Available sizes include 2.5oz – (2oz pour line), 1.7oz – (1.5oz pour line) and 1.25 – (1oz pour line).

Designed with versatility in mind, the new shot glasses are great not only for liquor but also for smaller tasting platter items such as desserts, soups and condiments. The Shot glasses can be used in the both the fridge and freezer, with Strahl’s super insulation properties your beverages and desserts will be kept at their optimal temperature for longer.

The Benefits:
* Clarity –  Crystal clear appearance giving the look and feel of glass
* Dishwasher safe –  A unique base allows water to drain easily after a commercial dishwasher cycle a both high and low temperatures
* Versatile –  Ideal for not only liquor but a wide range of tasting platter items
* Strength –  Made from shatterproof polycarbonate, providing a stronger and safer alternative to glass
* Convenient sizes –  Available in three convenient sizes 2.5oz, 1.7oz and 1.25oz
* Pour lines –  Pour lines are pre marked
* Reduces cost –  Shatterproof polycarbonate reduces repurchase frequency

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