TouchTunes Redesigns #1 Jukebox Mobile App

TouchTunes, the largest in-venue interactive music and entertainment platform, today announced plans to release its newly redesigned mobile app in April. The new app allows users to be the DJ and take control of TouchTunes’ jukeboxes in 65,000 bars, restaurants and other social hotspots across North America. Its interface boasts an intuitive, music-first design, a personalized user experience and improved usability, enabling users to find nearby locations, search for music, import playlists, earn rewards, and play their favorite songs like never before.

“At TouchTunes, our focus is to empower people to take control of their music experience at tens of thousands of social venues, ” said Charles Goldstuck, Chairman and CEO of TouchTunes. “With mobile technology becoming core to our daily lives, the new TouchTunes app creates an interactive, one-of-a- kind social experience for every user and allows them to be the DJ at their favorite venues.”

The redesigned TouchTunes app was developed in collaboration with Work & Co, the creative minds that have helped multiple Fortune 500 brands launch innovative digital products. It puts music first, highlighting contextually relevant songs and artists throughout the user experience, while at the same time making navigation and music discovery simple and easy. The app’s personalization features also combine each user’s play preferences with the venue’s vibe to help users discover the music they have in common with each location. Additionally, like the company’s jukebox platform, the app gets smarter the more it’s used, surfacing related songs, artists and genres played the most.

Other key features of the app include the following:

•    Smart Check-In: Automatically checks users in to locations visited frequently.
•    Playlists Made Easy: Users can import playlists from Spotify or iTunes and build a “Favorites” playlist by liking songs and artists throughout the app experience.
•    Venue Staff Messaging: Allows staff to program custom messages to appear within the app when a user checks-in to their venue.
•    Customer Service: Improved in-app support.

TouchTunes’ next generation app will be available as a free download from the Apple app store and Google Play at the end of April 2016.

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