Tap TV Updates Trivia Channel

AMI Entertainment Network is happy to announce the latest updates for the Tap TV Trivia channel, including several fun new trivia games and all-new schedules. 

Tap TV is introducing seven new trivia games to its lineup, providing something for every trivia fan! New games include Raceway, All-You-Can-Eat, Travel Spot, 70’s, Transport, Americana, and Get Fit. To see a complete list of games and descriptions, visit www.taptvtonight.com/trivia.

Tap TV Trivia is celebrating the summer with a new seasonal schedule that features a new game every 20 minutes, keeping players engaged and on the edge of their seats. The new schedule includes all your favorite existing Tap TV Trivia games, plus the seven all-new games added with this release. The new schedule and games are available now on connected Tap TV machines with a Trivia subscription.

In addition to these automatic changes, Operators can now select from multiple trivia schedules to provide locations with a lineup that’s perfect for their players. Operators can choose from six trivia schedules, each catering to a specific audience. Changes can be made in a few short steps on the AMI Operator website.

Operators can also empower locations to select their own schedules by creating a Location Manager account on the AMI Operator website. Location Managers are given limited access to the website, with the ability to select trivia schedules and create promotional ads in AMI Ad Manager. For more information on setting up a Location Manager account, visit www.amientertainment.com/ad-manager.

For more information on Tap TV, visit https://www.amientertainment.com/taptv/trivia. You can also follow AMI Entertainment on Twitter for the latest product and business news.