Tap TV Excite Channel Now Available

AMI Entertainment Network is happy to announce the release of Tap TV Excite, the latest addition to the Tap TV channel lineup.

Tap TV’s Excite Channel gives venues a brand new way to engage patrons and display promotional ads created with the AMI Ad Manager. Unlike conventional digital signage systems that can quickly bore an audience, Excite features hours of viral videos licensed from extreme athletes, trick-shot masters, and more!

The Excite Channel is available for Tap TV users with a current Trivia or Poker subscription. To activate the Excite Channel, simply switch the channel from Trivia or Poker to Excite using the Tap TV remote. Your content will begin to download while a short video plays.

AMI’s unique Ad Manager feature offers over 1,300 ready-made templates to create promotional ad screens for AMI jukeboxes and Tap TV, featuring everything from draft lists and food specials to play-off parties and karaoke nights. It’s fast, easy, and fully customizable.

For more information on Tap TV, check out the new site at www.TapTVTonight.com. You can also follow Tap TV on Facebook and Twitter.

AMI Entertainment Network has been developing cutting-edge entertainment solutions for bars and restaurants for more than a century, from the dawn of the jukebox to the digital age. Featuring the latest in content and technology, AMI jukeboxes and Tap TV provide everything you need to connect with today’s tech-savvy patrons. From music to video to mobile, AMI provides 360 degrees of entertainment. For more information, visit: www.amientertainment.com