AMI Reveals New Products at Amusement Expo

At last week’s Amusement Expo, AMI Entertainment Network unveiled two new jukeboxes to be added to its popular NGX jukebox line-up, as well as exciting new accessories for existing models.

New for 2016 and shipping in April, the NGX Ultra is a dual-screen music video jukebox capable of simultaneously delivering hit songs, whole albums, the hottest music videos from the 80s, 90s,
2000s, and today, as well as programmable digital signage that can promote your business. Its 16:9 wide touchscreen display offers a robust, yet simple-to-use interface for song and music video selection, and like all AMI jukeboxes, also supports music selections made via the AMI BarLink mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The Ultra additionally boasts a powerful 1,000-Watt, 4-Channel Amp System designed to deliver immersive, room-filling sound.

Shipping now, the NGX Mini 2 is a new and improved version of AMI’s top-selling compact jukebox. Similar to the Ultra, the Mini 2 also boasts a new 16:9 wide touchscreen display, accent
lighting that beats to the music, and also features a newly integrated illuminated marquee that promotesAMI’s companion mobile app. The Mini 2 can also be upgraded to support music video with AMI’s Video Upgrade Kit, which enables videos to be played on surrounding TVs connected to the jukebox via an HDMI cable.


In addition to new jukebox models, AMI is also releasing two new accessories – an audio stand and a new illuminating frame for AMI’s original and flagship NGX model. Shipping next month, the NGX Subwoofer Jukebox Stand boasts a 12” Dayton audio-powered subwoofer and provides locations an alternative and convenient method for displaying their jukebox on-location. Available early summer, the NGX Tempo Skin enables customers to update the look of their original NGX jukebox with an attachable, attention-grabbing, illuminating frame that beats to the music. The frame can also be set to a color and brightness of your liking.

AMI jukebox operators should contact their distributor for more information. For informationabout AMI’s digital jukeboxes and other products, check out or follow AMI on Twitter.