AMI Releases Multiple Product Updates

AMI Entertainment Network recently released updates for its Tap TV product and app, the AMI BarLink app, and AMI jukeboxes.

Big news for Tap TV Poker high rollers! AMI has been collecting feedback from players and as a result has made several significant changes to the Tap TV Poker channel. Games are now more challenging, with individual buy-ins that are separate from lifetime chip totals. Players are given 5,000 chips from their bankroll at a time, creating a fair playing field for all players.

Players can also now choose to sit out for one or more rounds, eliminating the fear of missing your turn to grab a drink or visit the restroom. We have also made improvements to the table seating system, making it more likely to be placed at a table of players from the same location.

In addition to the Tap TV Poker changes, Tap TV Trivia players now have the ability to view the schedule for their location within the app. They can also initiate the change-password process without leaving the app.

AMI BarLink also received a significant update. Users can now view and select from their recent play history, making it easier and faster to play their favorite music right from their seat!

This release also includes a pair of jukebox features that will help operators and patrons alike. Most significantly, the interaction between the mobile and jukebox Priority Play has been adjusted so that jukeboxes will no longer offer priority play if there is already a mobile priority play in the first. In addition, jukeboxes can now be rebooted into normal mode from any other mode during a scheduled reboot.

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