AMI Partners to Honor NYC Landmarks

AMI is happy to announce a partnership with the NYC Landmark50 Alliance to honor New York City Landmarks on jukeboxes throughout the city.

Beginning April 1st and running through the month, AMI jukeboxes in New York City area will feature a short video promoting the Alliances mission and highlighting many of the city’s prominent landmarks.

The NYC Landmark50 Alliance is comprised of individuals and organizations committed to informing and educating the public about historic preservation in New York City. The goal of this project is to broaden the appreciation of, and commitment to New York City’s admired architecture, and to develop a new audience and a new generation of future preservationists, who will take responsibility for protecting the continuity of the New York Cityscape.
Operators are given the opportunity to view and/or opt out of the prom-bono campaign through the AMI operator site.

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