AMI Announces New Games for Tap TV

AMI Entertainment Network is happy to announce an update to its Tap TV Trivia game lineup with five new games and schedule changes.

The Tap TV Trivia Channel is gearing up for football season with new Football Trivia (Pro) and College Football Trivia! Keep football fans in their seats between games as they test their knowledge of mascots, fight songs, and tales of gridiron greatness. New Baseball Trivia has also been added and is just in time for the playoffs and championship games! Additional new games include Military Trivia and D.I.Y Trivia.

Each of Tap TV’s six schedules have been updated with the new games, and sports trivia in particular has been scheduled around televised sports for maximum customer retention. In addition to these updates, a seventh schedule has been added featuring a new game every 40 minutes. AMI recommends a dedicated screen for Tap TV Trivia, giving patrons the option to play before, during, and/or after games without changing any channels.

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