Your Favorite Minty Drink, From The Tap!


If you thought that sweet minty cocktail that has to be muddled by hand for you could only be made to order, think again. According to Bloomberg News the minds at Diageo PLC have come up with a new way to serve the mojito; right out of the tap.

The reason for the draft mojito, called the Cacique Mojito, comes from an economic downturn in Diageo spirit sales in Spain, where people are starting to drink more frequently at home rather than in bars and restaurants. The pre-mixed drinks sell at less than 4 euros ($5.21), or half the price of a fresh cocktail. The first tap was installed in a corner bar by its Madrid office in December, and now 5,000 Spanish bars are selling the drink.

After marketing in Spain, Diageo is finally bringing the product over to the U.K., where it will be introduced in 500 bars across the country, using Smirnoff vodka. They have already been introduced in Greece and are being tested in Portugal. So far, the drink has performed very strongly in Spain and has helped to increase the sales of the Cacique brand.