Ultimate Beverage Challenge Announces Video Reviews


The Ultimate Beverage Challenge has announced the launch of the Ultimate Video Reviews, a collection of 27 videos featuring F. Paul Pacult extolling the virtues and tasting notes for each of the top 27 spirits from the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Each video is approximately 1:30 minutes long and can be found on the Ultimate Beverage Challenge website, http://www.ultimate-beverage.com/videos/, or on the Ultimate Beverage Challenge channel on YouTube.com at http://www.youtube.com/user/UltimateBeverage.

In each of the videos, F. Paul Pacult offers a brief review of each of the winning spirits. The video and comments can be used by the brands for their marketing, corporate and advertising needs, with the appropriate reference to UBC, and is a complimentary marketing tool.

“Ultimate Spirits Challenge results showcase the best of the best. Companies that enter the Challenges want to know, truthfully, what some of the top palates in the world think of their liquid,” says Pacult. “UBC doesn’t want to be just another beverage competition—we want our results to have meaning and worth to those companies that entered. We think these videos for the Chairman’s Trophy winners, along with all the other marketing support we offer the entrants, show that UBC is a company fully committed to participating wine and spirits producers, and wants, quite simply, to help them sell their products.”