Trinchero Family Estate’s World Wine Challenge

Trinchero Family Estates (TFE), the Napa Valley-based, a leading family-owned wine and spirits company known for its distinct brands such as Ménage à Trois, Sutter Home, Trinchero Napa Valle, Folie à Deux, Napa Cellars, and Joel Gott Wines, today announced the release of World Wine Challenge®, a comprehensive, interactive, educational wine game app in association with the launch of Trinchero National Wine Education Day which will be celebrated on August 15th.

“Education is an important part of the wine experience. Wine professionals and consumers are hungry to learn more about the world of wine,” noted Barry Wiss, who is the VP of Trade Relations for Trinchero Family Estates and is also Vice President of the Society of Wine Educators.  “For the professional, knowledge opens the door to a more fulfilling career path; for the consumer, it makes wine more approachable and satisfying.”

Trinchero Family Estates offers a number of education programs to its employees and industry colleagues. These educational programs, such as Vine to Dine®, help to increase their knowledge and understanding of wine, which can then be passed on to the consumer. The World Wine Challenge® app was created as a way to offer a fun and interactive way to educate the wine trade and consumer anytime and anywhere – from the office to an airplane.

The World Wine Challenge presents a vast array of wine topics and facts in an entertaining game format. With three levels of difficulty and nearly 1,000 randomized questions, the World Wine Challenge® teaches wine drinkers about wine, tests their expertise, and provides immediate feedback on their wine knowledge. Additions such as the “Learn More” feature guarantees a comprehensive wine learning experience. The game also features a leaderboard which allows users to track their performance with other world wine challengers from around the globe! The game will be updated with new wine related questions making it a fun and useful tool for professionals pursuing any level of professional wine accreditation. The game is available in the Apple App Store for $2.99.

To help increase awareness and create excitement about wine education and the World Wine Challenge®, Trinchero Family Estates also announced that August 15th will be dedicated as Trinchero National Wine Education Day.

Click here to purchase the application on iTunes.

Visit the World Wine Challenge website to learn more.