The World’s First Alcohol-Free Liquor Collection

Pearson and Pearson is excited to announce the launch of ArKay, the world’s only alternative to liquor that will immerse you in the pleasure, taste, and feeling of drinking your favorite drink.

The first product ArKay introduced was an alcohol-free whisky, and because of its huge success, they came out with a complete collection of alcohol-free liquor flavored drinks.  With 0% alcohol, anyone can enjoy one of the 16 flavors of ArKay, without any intoxicating effects. The flavors include: Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Amaretto, Mojito, Vodka, Tequila, Margarita, Gin, Orange Napoleon, Blue Curacao, Limoncello, Pina Colada, Peppermint, Coffee liquor, & Irish Cream.

This innovative drink collection could be the solution for those that like to drink, but cannot. Now the designated driver can participate in the drinking, without getting intoxicated. ArKay contains 0% alcohol, therefore, those who refrain from drinking alcohol for medical or religious reasons can still drink. For those worried about their weight, ArKay is fat-free and contains no added sugars. ArKay is a promising alternative to alcoholic beverages.

ArKay is made with artificial and natural flavors and ingredients in accordance with European Economic Community (EEC) regulations and within the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.

In executing the launch of ArKay, they have enlisted industry veteran Brian Pearson. Brian is the owner of Pearson & Pearson, LLC, an alcohol beverage development and marketing company located in Genoa, Ohio. Pearson & Pearson offers expertise in the areas of consulting, manufacturing, beverage development, marketing, and distribution for all clients. President, Brian Pearson, started in the alcohol beverage industry more than 16 years ago after an Honorable Discharge from the US Marine Corps. Brian oversees all of the Pearson & Pearson in-house operations and has launched over 30 different private label alcohol products. His company holds Federal and State Permits Nationwide and orchestrates distribution and market penetration for his clients. For a more detailed description of what Pearson & Pearson offers please visit

Arkay comes in 1 Liter bottles. You can drink and drive, but only if it’s ArKay!