Building on the success of Tun 1401, The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky released the first batch of Tun 1509 in 2014, which quickly became another highly sought after whisky for collectors and connoisseurs around the world. From Scotch whisky’s most experienced Malt Master and the world’s most handcrafted single malt, David Stewart’s latest release of the second batch of Tun 1509 showcases true rare craftsmanship. By expertly marrying multiple exceptional whiskies, Stewart has created a single malt with unparalleled character.

To create the second batch of Tun 1509, David Stewart selected 32 of the finest casks – 23 traditional American oak casks and nine European oak sherry casks – from the distillery’s precious aged stocks. All were transferred to Tun 1509, which sits in The Balvenie’s Warehouse 24, for several months before bottling. This is a rare interpretation of the marrying process and allows the different whiskies to come together to create a unique expression of The Balvenie that is greater than the sum of its constituent parts.

Commenting on the second batch of The Balvenie Tun 1509, David Stewart says, “This new batch from Tun 1509 offers a distinctly different taste from batch one because I selected slightly more European oak sherry casks. For this second batch, I picked nine European oak sherry casks compared to seven in the first batch, which brings out subtle and delicate notes of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg alongside the richly sweet oak and vanilla notes that come from the American oak casks.”

Each bottle of Tun 1509 comes with in-depth detail on the whisky with visual representations of the flavor profile of each of the 32 constituent casks and the overall character of the resulting single malt.

Higher strength at 50.3% and non-chill filtered, the second batch of Tun 1509 will start appearing on shelves in the U.S. beginning September 2015 at a suggested retail price of $350 per 750ml bottle.  

Tasting Notes: ‘Luscious with aromas of honey, orange peel, sweet oak vanilla and a delicate ginger spiciness. To taste it is richly sweet, combining elegant honey with tangy citrus and gentle vanilla, overlain with subtle notes of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg.’