Tablelist Introduces Fast Pass for Frictionless Payments


Tablelist unveiled Fast Pass as the newest feature of TablelistPro, Tablelist’s signature nightlife venue management software.

Fast Pass enables guests to purchase and pay for cover fees, event tickets and table service upon arrival at a nightlife venue directly from their phones, using Apple Pay, Google Pay or Web Pay in just two clicks. No hardware is required; venues simply need to have the TablelistPro app.

Not only does Fast Pass streamline the guest experience, but venue owners also benefit from boosted sales, increased efficiency and the ability to collect customer data.

“One key gap in the nightlife market is the ability to gather reliable customer data, particularly for walk-up customers, who constitute 72% of nightlife venues’ customer base,” said Kyla Moore, Tablelist CEO. “Fast Pass enables venue owners to better understand their clientele and adapt to improve the customer experience, ultimately driving more sales.”

For customers, taking advantage of Fast Pass is simple: the only requirement is a digital wallet. After a customer uses Fast Pass, TablelistPro syncs all transactional data, allowing bar and club owners to offer even more personalized experiences.

“To be competitive in the nightlife industry, venues need to anticipate customer needs, including lightning-fast transactions and ways to avoid waiting in long lines, which can quickly sour their evening,” said Gabriel Levy, co-founder, owner and operator of New York City’s Rumpus Room. “Fast Pass helps us provide the most efficient access to our venue in order to meet our guests’ expectations of a simple night out.”

TablelistPro is a fully comprehensive nightlife and entertainment venue management software that enables venues to optimize their backend operations to achieve their business goals. Schedule a complimentary demo and learn more about all of TablelistPro’s powerful nightlife management features.