Sixth Flavor for Voli Vodka


Voli Mango Coconut Fusion Becomes the Sixth Flavor from the

World’s First Line of Low-Calorie Vodkas with Natural Fruit and Fusion Flavors

The world’s most delicious low calorie vodkas with natural flavors just got tastier! Voli Light Vodkas, the world’s first line of low calorie vodkas with natural flavors, is proud to announce its latest fruit fusion flavor – Voli Mango Coconut Fusion. Voli’s sixth flavor is a delicious blend of natural mango and coconut flavors with a subtle hint of pineapple in the finest multi-distilled wheat vodka. Voli Mango Coconut Fusion is the perfect way to unwind this summer as the tempting tropical fusion will carry the consumer away with the flavors and aromas of an island paradise.

“Market trends show major food and beverage companies adding mango and coconut products to their portfolios including, Coconut Vodkas and Rums as well as McCafé Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie,” stated Adam Kamenstein, owner and CEO of Voli Spirits. “The industry has shown a growing demand for dessert flavors and applying it towards sweet and tropical beverages. With the emerging popularity of both flavors, the decision to mix mango and coconut with a subtle hint of pineapple was born and we are proud to introduce Mango Coconut Fusion to our impressive line of beverages.”

Voli is named after the meshing of Vodka and light caloric ingredients to create a line of six delicious flavors – Raspberry Cocoa, Espresso Vanilla, Orange Vanilla, Lemon, Mango Coconut, and Original. Voli Light Vodkas are hand crafted by master distillers in Cognac, France and feature a delicate blend of the finest multi-distilled wheat vodka, pure spring water, natural flavor and electrolytes. Voli Light Vodkas are on average between 25 and 40 percent lower in calories than the leading brands and are available in all major markets throughout the United States.

Voli experienced strong growth in 2011 increasing availability to more than 40 markets, exporting to Asia and Latin America, and sales volume grew 1000 percent from 2010. The focus for 2012 has been expanding consumer awareness and brand visibility, while increasing account penetration in all markets served. Recently, Grammy Award winning recording artist Fergie joined Pitbull as one of the partners and owners of Voli.

Voli is imported by Palm Bay International, Port Washington, NY.