Nightlife Cultural Initiative Launches in New York

The Nightlife Cultural Initiative announced today their public debut in New York with the launch of their website,

Similar to New York’s Fashion Week and College Music Journal celebrations, NCI will highlight prominent venues, musicians, artists, and fashion designers for its inaugural NCI Expo from April 5-7th 2012. The Expo hopes to involved prominent names in nightlife culture such as John Varvatos, Steve Madden, Stoli, Bacardi, Cielo, and Sutra, among many others. With recent attention given to the influence nightlife has on society, NCI Founder and President Gamal Hennessy says, “April’s event will be the first of many that will bring an added sense of community, collaboration, and celebration to New Yorkers that will reshape the perception of nightlife as we know it.”

The launch of NCI coincidentally coincides with the recent Yale University lecture class on the importance of nightlife culture. Mr. Hennessy goes on to say, “Nightlife has a powerful impact on New York’s artistic, economic, and social environment. NCI’s mission is to help elevate the elements of music, art, and fashion within this space.”