Castle Brands Inc. Brings the Barrel to the Bar

Castle Brands is proud to announce the launch of Jefferson’s 5L Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program, giving high-end restaurants, bars and retailers the unique opportunity to craft their own barrel-aged cocktails with Jefferson’s “Ridiculously Small Batch” bourbon.

“Barrel-aging is an effective way to add layers of flavor and complexity to several bourbon cocktails, while still allowing the bartender or mixologist to impart their unique style behind the bar,” says Jefferson’s Bourbon founder and master blender Trey Zoeller.  “We’re excited to make the intricate process of barrel- aging cocktails more accessible for bars and retailers nationwide with a comprehensive kit that simplifies the procedure.”

The Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program includes a branded Jefferson’s Bourbon 5L barrel and a minimum of six bottle case of Jefferson’s “Ridiculously Small Batch,” bourbon.  The barrel will be provided complimentary upon request and where legal with the one case buy in. Restaurants, bars, and retailers can place an order by contacting Donna Hibbert at Castle Brands, (646) 356-0205.

Jefferson’s Bourbon offers the following tips for using the Barrel-Aged Cocktail Program:

o  Make sure your Jefferson’s barrel is ready. Begin by soaking your barrel in warm water for a day or two. This process allows the staves to swell and tighten and will prevent your cocktail from leaking out.

o   Pick your cocktail carefully. Not all cocktails are suitable for barrel-aging. Avoid ingredients like fruit juice or dairy products, which will both spoil after a few days, or anything with fizz like club soda. It will go flat quickly. Bourbon cocktails with high alcohol content work well – the Boulevardier, the Manhattan and the Vieux Carre are all good options. Make sure you use high quality ingredients, as well – the better the ingredients, the better they age!

o  Mix your drink. A five-liter barrel has approximately a 167-ounce capacity, so adjust the cocktail recipe accordingly. You should aim for 150-155 ounces of liquid. You don’t have to use the whole barrel!

o  Begin the aging process. Pour your cocktail into your pre-soaked barrel – use a funnel for this. Then seal it and age it at room temperature. Make sure you taste it at least once a week as it ages. The cocktail can over-age and extract too much flavor from the wood.  However, four to six weeks is generally the time frame to aim for.

o  Strain cocktail and serve. Use a sieve and cheesecloth to strain the aged Jefferson’s cocktail into a large glass container. This will remove any sediment and debris from the wood. Congratulations – you’ve aged your first cocktail.

o   Re-use your barrel. Refill your barrel with warm water and let it sit until you’re ready for cocktail number two. This will keep the wood swollen and prevent leaks.

To learn more about the Jefferson’s line of spirits, please visit <> . Jefferson’s  Barrel-Aging Cocktail Program is available for purchase by contacting Donna Hibbert at Castle Brands, (646) 356-0205.