After decades of obscurity, vermouth’s rise in America continues as the aromatized, fortified wine returns to the bar scene in classic and vermouth-forward cocktails. Tempus Fugit Spirits, dedicated to the revitalization of rare and vintage spirits and liqueurs, introduces two new additions to the Alessio Vermouth collection – Alessio Vermouth Bianco and Alessio Vino Chinato. The high-quality aperitif wines, based on rare 19th century recipes, join Alessio Vermouth di Torino Rosso and Alessio Vermouth Chinato, offering the professional and home bartender a full-spectrum of Italian vermouth in a range of styles and sizes.
Alessio Vermouths are inspired by a 16th Century Italian physician, alchemist, humanist, inventor and cartographer, Girolamo Ruscelli, author of The Secrets of Alexis of Piedmont in 1555 under the pseudonym “Alexius Pedemontanus” (Alexis of Piedmonte / Alessio Piemontese). This early manual of ancient curative recipes contained many formulas that were previously banned, hidden or lost by the Church during the Dark Ages, including several elixirs that are distinct ancestors to the herbal wine-tonic that later became known as vermouth. Alessio Vermouths are crafted by a master Vermuttista of Asti in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy, the birthplace of vermouth and the land from which Alessio Piemontese took as his name, which is reflected on the labels of the bottle.
“Alessio Vermouths venture back in history to recreate the quality of vermouth that was enjoyed as an individual aperitif and became recognized as an addition to a well-crafted cocktail,” says John Troia, co-founder of Tempus Fugit Spirits. “The Alessio Vino Chinato is the brother of Barolo Chinato, made from 100% Nebbiolo d’Alba grapes, while Alessio Vermouth Bianco is the elegant, citrus forward Italian variation on white vermouth, made from Muscato and Trebiano grapes. Both contain wormwood grown in the Piedmont region – vermouth’s defining botanical – and wine, for both, is sourced from the magnificent terroir of Piedmonte.
“Bartenders and consumers alike can now enjoy a Bianco vermouth that is both complex and refreshing on its own, yet one that is extremely versatile in a variety of cocktails,” Troia continues, “while the Vino Chinato offers all of the flavor and tannic structure of a Barolo Chinato, yet at a price that allows it to now be cost-effectively incorporated into an endless variety of cocktails.”
The new Alessio Vermouths, available in the 750ml and 375ml sizes, are:  
Alessio Vino Chinato
16% ABV, 750ml, $39.99 SRP; 375ml $27.99 SRP
Alessio Vino Chinato is a premium Italian aperitif wine made with the finest Nebbiolo d’Alba grapes – the same grape varietal used in the highly acclaimed Barolo wines that have been cultivated in the Peimonte region of Italy since the Middle Ages. Nebbiolo was the official wine of the dynastic Royal House of Savoy, and was often presented as a gift to visiting dignitaries.
Alessio Vino Chinato is highlighted by bold red and black fruit aromas and youthful tannins with added herbal notes from aromatic herbs and a balanced bitter finish of both Red and Yellow Cinchona bark, which is steeped in wine along with other ingredients such as cinnamon, coriander and vanilla. It is an elegant and robust aperitif for use in any cocktail requiring a classic Italian sweet vermouth and can also be enjoyed chilled on its own before a meal, or after. It also pairs with chocolate or sharp blue cheeses.
Alessio Vermouth Bianco
18% ABV, 750ml, $24.99 SR; 375ml $18.99 SRP
Alessio Vermouth Bianco is an historic variation of Italian sweet vermouth, regarded as “Vino di Moda” (fashion wine). The first “Vermouth Blanc” was most likely invented in Chambéry, France in the early 1880s, as a marketing effort to counter the traditional competition in Turin (now Italy), when these two cities were part of the Duchy of Savoy. Vermouth Blanc was made with a similar recipe as traditional sweet vermouth, but was filtered to be completely clear and was sometimes referred to as “semi-sweet.” Up to the end of the 19th century, it went mostly unnoticed, expect as novelty in the Chambéry region. A few Italian producers decided to make their own and Vermouth Bianco was introduced in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, designed to attract a sophisticated ’20th century’ palate, and more specifically to women of the era.
Alessio Vermouth Bianco strives to capture the idea of a crystalline elegance in the glass and on the palate and is filtered to be clear. Warm spices and mild bitterness are tempered with a bright, crisp citrus finish. Enjoy chilled on its own or as an alternative to traditional Italian Sweet Vermouths in your favorite classic cocktails.

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