Hatfields & McCoys Combine Whiskey Recipes

After feuding for more than 150 years, the direct descendents of the Hatfields and McCoys finally agree on something: This is what whiskey is supposed to taste like. Introducing The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Family Brand Whiskey™, the only authentic Hatfield and McCoy American whiskey available today.

The Hatfield and McCoy clans have each been blending and distilling traditional American spirits even before the feuding began. The two clans have century-old recipes written down in the backs of bibles and the backs of their minds. Until now, those recipes of the two clans have never met.

Their violent and storied history comes to life with an aged-to-perfection, all-American whiskey, essentially a legend in a bottle.

“This Whiskey is the first authentic product that is truly worthy of our Hatfield & McCoy names,” said John T. Hatfield, the great-great-great grandson of “Devil” Anse Hatfield. “While blood may be thicker than water, turns out this whiskey has them both beat.”

The Hatfield and McCoy families hunted high and low before finding an award winning distiller out of Charleston, South Carolina, Local Choice Spirits, to partner with them on a whiskey worthy of their legendary names. 

The result: a distinctive whiskey inspired by American pride, old family recipes and Appalachian tradition. The complexity of The Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey comes from its unique blend of corn, barley, malt, special strains of yeast, infused natural flavors, and pure water. Aged in oak to perfection, filtered and purified to create a mature-tasting, bold, and complex 80-proof whiskey with an incredibly smooth finish. Available in 750 ml.

Nose: Hints Of Green Grass, Light Vanilla, Wet Stone, Complex and Balanced.
Taste: Medium Body, Light Black Pepper, Smoke, Layers Of Dried Apricot, Custard and Black Walnut.
Finish: Balanced, Clean, Hints Of Vanilla, Caramel And Butter.

“The Hatfield & McCoy feud is one of American folklore’s most legendary stories,” said Monsell Darville, Managing Partner of the Legendary Hatfield & McCoy Whiskey. “This authentic whiskey brings the story to life with the real descendents of ‘Devil’ Anse Hatfield and ‘Ole’ Ran’l’ McCoy coming together to create a true American product. With its bold and balanced flavor, it’s an amazing experience whether you sip it straight, ‘touch’ it with a little water and ice or mix it in your favorite craft cocktail – Americana distilled.”

To find out more, visit http://www.legendaryhatfieldandmccoy.com