Dulce Vida® Organic Tequila unveils a very special offering this month: a 5-Year Limited Edition Extra Añejo. The tequila release commemorates the company’s 5th anniversary and will be available nationwide in November 2014. Having received over 70 prestigious accolades in only five years on the market, there has been plenty to celebrate, but on the forefront of the true craft tequila renaissance, this anniversary deserved something extraordinary.

Like all Dulce Vida tequilas, the Extra Añejo is made with 100% blue agave sustainably sourced from the Los Altos Highlands of Jalisco, and distilled and aged in San Ignacio Cerro Gordo, Mexico. This celebratory Limited Edition was rested for five years in single barrels of American Oak from a respected Napa Valley winery. This unique craft approach, using barrels that previously contained award-winning vintages of Merlot and Cabernet wines, creates a stunning tequila with a distinct dark amber-saffron color and sophisticated flavor profile.

The 5-Year Extra Añejo first imparts a nose impression of fine cognac, followed by the robust tequila taste to be expected of an aged añejo, and a finish almost like a port wine. Julio Bermejo, owner of San Francisco’s legendary Tommy’s restaurant, also named Ambassador of Tequila by the state of Jalisco, noted how “the Napa Valley barrels add a beautiful roundness to the nose and great roundness to the body…it’s a true sipping tequila, meant to be enjoyed on its own and served neat.” Gary Manley, tequila aficionado and co-owner of Austin’s Iron Cactus, one of the nation’s top tequila bars, said of the Extra Añejo: “It’s very complex, with the great characteristics expected of a truly authentic, traditional extra añejo. I’ll have another.” He noted the distinction of the Extra Añejo’s “soft nose, like a cognac or whiskey, and the full body of a 100-proof tequila.” Richard Sandoval, chef/owner of the Richard Sandoval restaurant group, says “the nose expresses its time spent resting in wine barrels, with hints of cinnamon and butter.” He also notes that “it’s smooth on the palate, and emits notes of cedar, a touch of vanilla and a finish of spiced oak…a mellow sipping tequila.”

Like other offerings from Dulce Vida, the presentation of the Limited Edition Extra Añejo was designed to celebrate the remarkable spirit. The bottle contrasts beautifully with the deep amber liquid with a striking laser-etched label design. Drawing upon the spirit’s cultural roots, each Dulce Vida tequila varietal is marked with a unique icon and the Extra Añejo bottle features a rain symbol in honor of Tlaloc, Aztec god of rain and fertility. With the release of the Extra Añejo, as with all of its tequilas, Dulce Vida continues to remain true to its history and craft, creating truly remarkable tequila expressions to delight the most discerning of tequila connoisseurs.

Dulce Vida’s Extra Añejo will be available in the market in November with an expected retail price of $169 per bottle. Limited Edition Extra Añejo
Available November 2014 Pre-order for Limited 2014 Quantity Suggested Retail Price: $169.00/bottle.