Experience a spirit set to alter the cast of the mezcal cosmos: Creyente™ Mezcal Joven. An extraordinary blend of two 100% Espadín agave mezcals from separate regions of Oaxaca, Creyente is created by the communion of two legendary mezcaleros – Pedro Mateo and Mijail Zarate – who spent two years perfecting a joint process to distill a smoother and singular ultra-premium sipping mezcal. The result is a testament to the limitless power of blending time, creativity and ‘belief’ – the last for which Creyente is named.

Equal parts agave and idealistic experimentalism, Creyente begins with the selection and harvest of the finest quality Espadín agave from the regions of Tlacolula and Yautepec by Mateo and Zarate. In separate distilleries, they begin by removing the pencas (leaves) and roasting the piñas (hearts) using an artisanal method with mesquite wood in a horno cónico de pierdra (stone oven) for three days. The roasted piñas are ground by hand using a molino de piedra (stone mill) to extract their succulent syrups, fermented in wooden barrels, then distilled in small copper stills. Finally, following distillation, the two mezcals are cut with natural spring water, blended with each other, and together they become Creyente.

The resulting flavor profile is achievable only by way of a blend, akin to the final steps of whiskey production. The finish is impossibly smooth, without sacrificing mezcal’s signature smokiness. Its notes are best represented by the mythical hybrid creature perched upon the packaging:

Antelope (Legs): Sweet hints of fruit and light herbal notes
Jaguar (Head and Torso): Full, velvety smooth body
Golden Eagle of Mexico (Wings): Classic Mexican mesquite mezcal smokiness

Enjoy Creyente as an ultra-premium mezcal should be served: neat, alongside a pinch of worm salt and a slice of orange. In honor of the traditional mezcal drinking rite, Creyente has created a series of custom worm salt recipes; carefully prepared using Colima sea salt, local Mexican chilies and crushed maguey worms, each presents a separate and ideal accompaniment to Creyente.

Creyente™ Mezcal Joven is available for purchase in local U.S. markets for $49.99 MSRP.