Cocktail College Training Software


Merit Entertainment and ShowTenders Team Up For Cocktail College

Merit Entertainment, creators of the popular Megatouch game system, and ShowTenders, pioneers in bartending education, are teaming up to offer Cocktail College, the industry’s first interactive training software, through Megatouch.

The Cocktail College program offers innovative and immersive on-site training through a nationwide network of broadband-connected Megatouch machines.

Designed for interactivity and engagement, Cocktail College teaches employees through fun and entertaining touchscreen lessons on Megatouch game consoles. Bartenders will learn new and quicker drink-making techniques while discovering how to enhance customer service and increase their own tips.

“Training is a win-win for bar owners looking to boost profits and for bartenders who want to increase their check averages,” said AJ Russo, creative director for Merit Entertainment. “Cocktail College and Megatouch are a perfect match for employers looking to train their people on-site, in an entertaining way, with the most proven program available.”

Studies show effective training can increase sales by up to 10 percent and can cut employee turnover by as much as 33 percent. “We are proud to be working with ShowTenders on a cost-effective, training software solution that delivers real results for improved customer service, increased sales, happy employees, and even happier customers,” Russo said.

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