Artisanal Jello Shot Delivery


According to Thrillist New York, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate has started a business called Jello Shot Girl, which sounds like exactly what it is. JSG will be available for your holiday parties with inventive shooters that use fresh, artisanal ingredients to spice up the tired college-esque jello shot.

Each catergory of jello shots has creative combinations, including Fruit (rum-based blueberry mojito, strawberry basil with vodka), Coffee (espresso, crème de cacao and whiskey) and Seasonal offerings (vanilla pudding and vodka Heaven In Your Mouth Pudding shot). She is also producing more “high-impact” shots, from an absinthe shot to a mango nectar and vodka shot topped with a high-proof blackberry spirit.

If you would like to sample these gelatinous treats, check out her twitter/Facebook to find out when she’s setting up shop at shows, bars, and events around New York City.