ABSOLUT® Announces the Redesign of its Flavor Range-A Striking Transformation True to the Brand’s Creative Heritage

ABSOLUT is proud to announce striking new designs for its range of flavored vodkas. True to the brand’s creative heritage, the vibrant new designs bypass design conventions to artistically express the core essence of each flavor.

“Our new design depicts the product’s flavor essence through something that is core to Absolut’s DNA:  contemporary art. We’re breaking the convention that literal fruit imagery must be used to communicate what’s inside the bottle,” says Afdhel Aziz, Brand Director for ABSOLUT, Pernod Ricard USA.  “This is an incredibly dramatic change for ABSOLUT and a great transformation for our flavor range.  As the pioneer of the flavored vodka segment, we are thrilled to share our new packaging with the world.”

After interpreting each flavor’s essence, designers worked to elevate these impressions into premium, contemporary and progressive art. The design for ABSOLUT Pears started with the fruit’s symbolic association with longevity and purity, and arrived at an abstract pear shape resembling the symbol for eternity. For ABSOLUT Raspberri, the emotion of love and passion is intensified through the abstract expressionist technique of throwing paint. The same artistic process was repeated across the entire flavor portfolio.

Bringing an artistic approach to the redesign of its flavor range is in line with ABSOLUT’s deep roots in the art world. Since 1985, when the ABSOLUT Vodka bottle appeared in the first art ad, ABSOLUT has been making art part of its consumers’ experience.

“This is an exciting time for ABSOLUT,” says Jonas Tåhlin, VP Global Marketing at The ABSOLUT Company. “While most flavored vodkas look more or less the same, we are bringing a full range of innovative designs to market. Artistic, modern and unlike anything else around, we believe they will reinforce our position as creative leader.”