Donna Italia: Simple Way to Add Pizza to Your Menu

Donna Italia PizzaPizza. It’s one of the most popular foods shared among friends. But not all establishments have the space or ability to invest in the time, equipment and labor necessary to prepare and serve a hot, authentic, Italian pizza. Until now. The Donna Italia solution has revolutionized the foodservice industry with the best and simplest way to add pizza to your menu with no investment and no waste.

As Chef Luca Manfè, MasterChef winner and Donna Italia brand ambassador explains, it’s not YOUR business to make fresh pizzas. But it is OUR business to make it your business with a countertop-size, easy-to-operate brick oven; genuine 100% all-natural pizzas, and just three-minute freezer-to-table prep time. We provide the oven at no charge, you simply order the pizzas – Margherita, Pizza Bianca, or Focaccia – in the quantities that make the most sense for you. Whether you are a bar, lounge, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, caterer or concession; or represent an independent operator or multi-unit chain, with the Donna Italia solution, adding a delicious pizza option to your current menu is easy AND profitable!

View the video to learn how.