Telling Tales of Whiskey

We’re not quite sure what’s in store tomorrow night for our favorite park director, but what we do know is that his love for Lagavulin is stronger than ever. Nick Offerman demonstrates his fondness of the peaty malt in the newest edition of My Tales of Whisky – a series of digital shorts featuring the actor and Scotch enthusiast’s musings on whisky (you may recall his ode to whisky “Music Video”).

In “Message in a Bottle,” Offerman shows there’s no wrong way to order a Lagavulin, as long as you’re polite and you don’t live in a landlocked area. (We urge those who do to consult their finest globe for the nearest body of water.)

So, as a new chapter begins, we invite you to open a bottle of Lagavulin and tune in to My Tales of Whisky.

Diageo, the makers of some of Scotland’s finest single malt whiskies including Lagavulin and Oban, has collaborated with self-proclaimed human being Nick Offerman to create an original video content series entitled My Tales of Whisky. The creative team behind My Tales of Whisky exports Nick Offerman’s deadpan humor and exceptional use of plaid to two of Scotland’s esteemed seaside distilleries, Lagavulin and Oban. The storylines range from an epic transcontinental journey to prove his familiarity with his dram of choice to a ‘documentary’ (the not-real-kind) on how the beloved Oban single malt whisky gets made.