FEW Spirits Goes 100 Percent Clean Energy

Acclaimed craft distillery FEW Spirits announces today that it is now running on 100 percent pollution-free electricity thanks to a partnership with clean energy provider Arcadia Power.

“We try to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible, doing things like utilizing only grain grown within 150 miles of the distillery and sourcing other ingredients from as close to home as we can, and this is another major step in that direction,” says FEW founder and master distiller Paul Hletko. “Between running lights, pumps, filters and a bottling line, a distillery uses a lot of power, so it’s all the more important for us to pay attention to where that power comes from.” The distillery uses roughly 6,000 kilowatt-hours per month, meaning that the move is the equivalent of removing about seven average households from the fossil-fuel grid, or taking about 11 cars off the road.

FEW’s power will now come exclusively from solar- and wind-based sources instead of electricity generated from burning fossil fuels. “We’re excited to be partnering with a company that truly exemplifies the responsible practices we all want from businesses in our communities,” says Arcadia Power co-founder Kiran Bhatraju. “Renewable power used to be impractical for most families and businesses, but FEW Spirits shows us that today, it’s possible for all of us to do our part to combat climate change. They are pioneers in a growing movement that will lead us to a cleaner, safer, more sustainable energy future.”

Thanks to the Arcadia Energy partnership, FEW Spirits now meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership requirements, joining national brands such as Whole Foods, Google and Starbucks that also purchase clean energy.

Based in Evanston, Ill., a Chicago suburb that was once an international headquarters for the temperance movement, Few Spirits is a craft distillery making whiskies and gins from locally grown grains and other ingredients sourced as close to home as possible, including Cascade hops grown in master distiller Paul Hletko’s own backyard. Few Rye Whiskey was named Whisky Advocate’s Craft Whiskey of the Year in 2013, and its Bourbon Whiskey and Barrel Gin were both awarded gold medals by the Beverage Testing Institute. For more information about Few and its award-­winning spirits, visit fewspirits.com.