Devotion Makes Bold Statement With Labels

With today’s consumers hyper-aware of everything they eat and drink, transparency about ingredients is a new way for health-conscious brands to gain a competitive advantage.
Devotion Spirits, Inc., the underdog of vodkas, aims to be the first vodka to proudly embrace transparency when it comes to their ingredients. To that end, Devotion has recently added clear and concise nutritional labels to all of their products. In an industry saturated with household name brands, Devotion’s commitment to health and honesty is setting them apart.
Known as the world’s first and only sugar-fee, gluten-free, American made vodka, the new labeling aims to inform consumers of nutritional information in a clear and concise way. While many brands in the vodka industry are busy concealing the additives that consumers are ingesting, Devotion Vodka is setting themselves apart by letting consumers know that what they see is what they get.  
Devotion Spirits, Inc. is also the only family of brands in the industry to offer an entire line—seven flavors—of gluten-free and sugar-free vodka.  Devotion Vodka may not be a huge household name- yet, but they are making their mark in the industry with their health-conscious and honest approach on labeling and what their vodka has to offer.  

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