Deputy Invests in Compliance Enhancements to Prepare Businesses for Wage-Hour & Predictive Scheduling Regulations, an award-winning workforce management software platform, has enhanced its suite of compliance tools to keep businesses ahead of U.S.-based regulations.

Legislation such as the Schedules That Work Act and New York City’s Fair Work Week mandate that businesses provide more transparency and certainty about work schedules and income. Deputy’s mobile and cloud platform now makes it easy for businesses to comply with requirements including electronic schedules, diversified shift locations, limiting or eliminating on-call work, and preventing “clopening,” the practice of closing and opening without enough buffer time.

“Last year nearly $2 billion in settlements from wage-hour lawsuits were awarded in the U.S, nearly three times the amount awarded in 2015,” said Derek Jones, Vice President of Growth, Americas, Deputy. “A shocking number of small-to-medium-sized businesses were targeted. The number of successful claims  increased, due to enforcement and the appetite of whistleblowers. Deputy equips businesses to benefit workers while protecting their own operations.”

Originally created to meet the complex requirements of the Australian Fair Work system, Deputy’s mobile- and cloud platform has the built-in flexibility to help businesses stay ahead of U.S.-based regulations. The risk areas added to the suite include: workers’ compensation claims, wrongful termination claims, meal or rest breaks, overtime, tipping, off the clock & time card accuracy, timecard rounding, minimum wage, biometric facial detection, skills and certification based on shift assignment, travel time and mileage, reporting-time pay, “show up” pay, PTO/leave management, predictive scheduling and Fair Work Week regulations.

“Most businesses intend to stay compliant, but the regulations are changing so fast it’s hard to keep up,” said Jason Walker, President of the Americas, Deputy. “A few bad actors that intentionally bypass these guidelines will face potential lawsuits and fines. Deputy wants to make compliance easy and get owners back to the fun part of running their business.”

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