NIGHTLIFE TERROR: First Paris, Now Orlando

The June 2016 issue of Bar Business Magazine, to be available this week, features an article by Robert C. Smith, President and CEO of Nightclub Security Consultants, Inc., about on-premise door staff becoming a frontline of defense against terrorism. While Smith wrote this piece several weeks ago, it is sad and unfortunate how timely his words have become in wake of the tragic nightclub shooting in Orlando over the weekend.

“It’s so very, very frustrating to me as a security professional,” Smith told Bar Business via e-mail last night. “I’ve trained, talked, posted and tried to start the discussion surrounding our industry being a soft and easy target. And my discussions were not just to say we are, but to offer real solutions. The Paris attacks in November were not ‘just one of those things’, not at all. It was real. And now, we have our own Paris in Orlando”.

Below is a preview of Smith’s article from the June 2016 issue of Bar Business Magazine, titled “The Nightlife Battlefield: Fighting Terrorism at Your Front Door”.






To view Smith’s article in digital format, click here.