Bring in Extra Revenue with Digital Displays

Times are tough. We all know what the economy looks like, and we all know that every extra dollar counts these days. Americans in every industry are hoarding cash like an autumn squirrels with the season’s last few nuts, and bar owners are no different. One way to put a jolt in your profits is to look beyond the booze for new channels of revenue coming into your establishment. This might mean more on-premise gaming, more themed events, or more promotions. But another avenue to explore is on-premise dynamic displays.

There are several companies on the market today that offer intriguing options in display entertainment—and thus, customer retention—at very little cost to the bar owner. SportsPageTV™ ( is a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, that provides bar owners with a customized TV channel that shows an array of content (primarily sports scores) while constantly promoting the business’ specials and events to customers.

As a partner at Boston, Massachussetts-based BarCast Network (, Christian Vara defines his company’s product as a virtual private network of interactive televisions. “We put flatscreens in venues and we connect them from market to market,” he says. “You can text the screen and have people in the network see your comments in other bars and in the one you’re in. People have a lot of fun with that. Ultimately, we’re going to have a camera on top of the televisions so you can be in one bar and see people in another bar in a different city.”

Simage ( is a new national media company based in Chicago, Illinois. Having launched this January, it is delivering Custom TV™ to bars and nightclubs. Narrowcasting “place-based media,” Simage enhances consumer experience at local venues with quality content and venue-specific advertising while merging a bar’s brand, promotions, and Smage content to entertain customers.

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