True Born Gin Distilled from Craft Beer Styles

Sons of Liberty Spirits Co. tells us once again to forget what we know about craft spirits. The Rhode Island distillery that introduced whiskey drinkers to the very first seasonal line of whiskies is revolutionizing another spirit category with the launch of its True Born Gin line.

The Belgian Wheat Act, the first expression in the line, is a Genever Style Gin distilled from a Belgian Wheat beer and declares Sons of Liberty’s entry into, and redefinition of, the gin category.

“True Born serves notice that there is more to gin than neutral spirits infused with a myriad of botanicals and that a spirit category dating back to the middle-ages can be reinvented with innovative distillation,” said Sons of Liberty Founder, Mike Reppucci. “We will never enter a category unless we can reinvent it. We are proud to say that is what we have done here, whether everyone is ready for it is another question.”

Sons of Liberty brewed a Belgian Wheat beer composed of barley, wheat and oats and infused that mash with coriander, sweet orange peel, lemongrass, cascade and chinook hops. The Belgian Wheat Act is distilled four times, but never over 160 proof – providing an amazingly full body and rich flavor.

“We looked at the botanicals of a lot of gins and saw coriander, orange peel, lemongrass, etc. and thought…Belgian Wheat beer!” said Reppucci. “Similar in concept to our whiskies, True Born Gin is the first line of gins distilled from craft beer styles.”

In the gin basket, the same botanicals present in the mash are infused with the spirit in addition to juniper berries (a requirement for gin). The motive behind The Belgian Wheat Act’s unique distillation was to carry the distinct flavors of the Belgian Wheat beer through to the gin and to clearly identify its origin to its consumer.

The Belgian Wheat Act delivers clean citrus flavors with light notes of juniper. Its long finish with a subtle sweetness is a stark contrast to the excessive pine flavor of common gin. The infused coriander provides a refreshing herbal scent to complement The Belgian Wheat Act’s complex body and mouthfeel.

The Sons of Liberty name pays homage to Revolutionary times and the secret society that was formed to protect the rights of the colonists and to fight taxation by the British government. Over time, through the strength of the mission that the Sons of Liberty fought for, imposters began posing as members of the society to carry out acts of revenge and other violence not related to the cause. Such behavior could certainly undermine the cause, so the Sons spent a great deal of time policing themselves and pretenders. This was the origin of names such as “True Sons,” and “True-born Sons of Liberty” – True Born Gin – The Belgian Wheat Act is now available throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The Sons of Liberty ( believe that being American means taking a stand without compromise and fearlessly pursuing your dreams no matter what stands in your way. Sons of Liberty Spirits was founded to revolutionize and redefine American Spirits. They are now leading the rebirth of American Whiskey by challenging century old traditions with American Single Malt Whiskies born from distinctly flavorful beers (UPRISING and BATTLE CRY) and the first-ever seasonal line of whiskies (Sons of Liberty Seasonals). The launch of the True Born Gin line extends their innovation to a new category and proves their passion has no bounds. The Sons of Liberty distillery is located in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. Visit to find locations carrying Sons of Liberty products.