The Glenlivet Releases Three Single Cask Whiskies

The Glenlivet has been a standard-setting luxury brand for nearly 200 years, appealing to whisky connoisseurs looking for a rare expression steeped in heritage and history. The brand’s historical ties to the Pullman Company, a pioneer of first-class railroad travel, are due in large part to the business savvy Captain Bill Smith Grant, Founder George Smith’s last distilling descendant. Grant was able to persuade the Pullman Company to offer 2-ounce miniatures of The Glenlivet as one of the only Scotch whiskies available in the dining cars helping to spread the whisky’s fame across the US.
To commemorate this piece of The Glenlivet’s history, The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition Pullman Train Collection are three new, special-edition Single Cask whiskies marking the first time ever the brand has released a Single Cask in this market and available exclusively in the US. The name of each bottle is inspired by the Pullman connection: Pullman Club Car, Pullman Twentieth Century Limited, and Pullman Water Level Route.
Founded on the three pillars of rarity, purity, and uniqueness, each Single Cask within the Pullman Train Collection is hand-selected by Master Distiller, Alan Winchester. Chosen for its exceptional quality and intense flavor, The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition has been transferred from cask to bottle purely, at their natural cask strength and without chill filtration, therefore locking in the original flavor and character from the cask’s influence. Only a few hundred bottles of whisky were drawn from each cask, making them a highly collectable and unique Single Malt series.
“The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition reaffirms The Glenlivet’s longstanding commitment to both setting standards in whisky and luxury as well as bringing innovation to the US market,” said Wayne Hartunian, Director of Scotch Portfolio at Pernod Ricard USA. “Choosing to name these whiskies after our historic connection to the Pullman Company, a luxury standard setter in their own right, allows us to share another chapter of our rich heritage with our drinkers and gives them a taste of history that makes the perfect addition to any whisky collection.”
Each of the following Single Casks vary in aging and flavor notes:
PULLMAN CLUB CAR Named after the Club Car that appeared on the Pullman Trains, the original luxury travel experience in the U.S. – from the end of Prohibition when The Glenlivet was one of the first single malts to launch in the states. Aged in Sherry Butt for 18 years, this cask has an initial burst of sweet fruity ripe pears, syrupy peaches, and creamy milk chocolate followed by a subtle background note of nutmeg. With notes of sweet orange, toasted almonds and warm cinnamon, the incredibly long and tangy finish makes this a satisfying dram. The Pullman Club Car has a limited availability of only 618 bottles.
PULLMAN TWENTIETH CENTURY LIMITED Known as “The Most Famous Train in the World,” the Twentieth Century Limited club cars could travel overland from New York to Chicago overnight in record time while in the lap of luxury. Aged in European Oak Butt for 14 years, to the nose this cask has sweet and soft notes of honey, golden syrup and creamy vanilla, followed by a touch of floral gorse in full bloom. The palate is lively citrus orange, spicy ginger marmalade and cinnamon, rounded off by soft sweet notes of ripe pears. The finish is long and dry, with a delicate hint of spice. Only 588 bottles of the Pullman Twentieth Century Limited are available for purchase.
PULLMAN WATER LEVEL ROUTE Operating between New York City and Chicago by way of the great lakes, the Twentieth Century Limited would take the Water Level Route between the cities, which was one of the most scenic routes available. With only 321 bottles available, this whisky is aged in American Oak Hogshead for 14 years, the cask has floral notes of gorse in full bloom, balanced with soft, creamy fudge and fruity ripe peach. The palate exudes honey and vanilla in abundance, with notes of ripe honeydew melon and traditional barley sugar sweets. The finish is soft and well balanced.
The Glenlivet Single Cask Edition Pullman Train Collection will be available at retail locations and on at a suggested retail price of $349.99/bottle.
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