SportsPageTV: Promote your Bar, Entertain your Customers


SportsPageTV: Customizable Displays for Your Bar

SportsPageTV™ (, Las Vegas, Nevada, uses an internet-based customizable TV channel that allows bar owners and managers to display and instantly update ads for food and drink specials, entertainment and events on one or more TVs around the bar while branding their business in full-color digital graphics. Customers will be drawn to the TV because it also displays up-to-the-minute sports scores and odds from all the popular sports leagues for the convenience of sports minded patrons.

The easy-to-install system requires not much more than a TV and an internet connection, but its flexible and customizable features provide on-premise venues with multiple outlets for keeping customers entertained and informed. After hooking up the SportsPageTV™ control box and internet connection to a TV, bar owners and managers are able to provide customers with information on house specials, trivia, and (most importantly) sports updates. All major and minor American sports, leader boards for the PGA and NASCAR, as well as European and South American soccer, rugby and basketball leagues are covered by the SportsPageTV™ system.

“SportsPageTV™ allows your patrons to have a constant view of sports scores and odds,” says Mark Franco, the company’s marketing manager. “Many owners have also said that their bartenders get less distracted since customers aren’t asking for scores.”

In between sports coverage, bars are able to employ SportsPageTV’s InstaAd™ feature to display in-house promotions such as food and drink specials, or upcoming events on the venue’s calendar. These ads can be scheduled to run as often as you like – on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

“Once installed, the bar will always have a branding banner ad underneath while scored are being displayed,” says Franco. “But in between scores you can have larger ads appear to promote whatever you want.”sportspagetvdemo.gif

InstaAd™ software gives bar owners and managers the power to display ads or promotions using either a vast library of stock images and backgrounds, or images from that establishment that can be uploaded and ready to use within 24 hours. Once and image is chosen a customized marketing message can be typed in and scheduled to appear on the channel as often as is desired.

Glenn Klinker, manager of Blondies Sports Bar, Las Vegas, loves his system, saying, “SportsPageTV™ has easily replaced my sports ticker, my LCD message board, and the need for ordering and hanging banners, and replaced it with an easy-to-use system that can make instant announcements.”

SportsPageTV™ offers three flexible pricing plans for your bar. The real money-making benefits, however, lie in a venue’s ability to promote and upsell its products and promotions quickly and effectively. “It’s a fantastic advertising tool,” says Erica Muse of Martinis, Las Vegas, Nevada. “I can upload my own ads quickly, or I can use one of the pre-made ads that are provided. It’s the best way to get customers the sports scores and let them know about all of my events and promotions, with no need to print out flyers.”

“Let’s say you want to promote beer,” says Franco. “You go into the system with your username and password, click on ‘drinks’ then ‘beer’, and choose from one of the 50 images we have available, whether its keg, draft or bottles. If you have extra cases of something in the back and need it to be pushed, use SportsPageTV™ to promote and sell extra inventory for whatever your biggest markup might be.”

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