Security, Liability and You


The keys to liability protection for club owners and managers are employee training, communication, and recording the events for evidence and further training.

Klein Electronics, Inc. invests in your team with 20 years of knowledge, and top quality products.

Their two-way radios and special earpieces with noise filter technology ensure that your staff communicates immediately, clearly, and affordably. Their Blackbox branded gear is used by police and military forces worldwide.

Due to the increase of club violence and the lawsuits that come from it, Klein developed a unique flashlight that was built for tactical police scenarios, and integrated a Digital Video Camera right into the face, with 4 GB of storage built right in. Now even in low light situations your team can easily record and document aggressive behavior and protect themselves and your company from frivolous litigation.

In today’s climate, every club manager and owner should arm their staff with these tools, ensuring the safety of patrons and employees alike. This creates great experiences for your clients and repeat business for you.

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