Novo Fogo Cachaca Introduces GRACIOSA

Following the success of Tanager, Novo Fogo’s first Two-Wood barrel-aged cachaça, the brand is proud to release our second Two-Wood expression: Graciosa, named after the idyllic road that crosses the Atlantic Rainforest from the mountains to the sea.

This Special Release for 2016 was aged for two years in repurposed American oak and finished for another 18 months in barrels made of legally-acquired castaneira do Pará wood — the same tree that bears Brazil nuts.

The two-Wood aging process, pioneered by master distiller Dr. Agenor Maccari, Jr., allows the rare flavors of Brazilian woods to harmonize with the delightful flavors of American oak that have come to define Novo Fogo barrel-aged cachaças.

Moreover, the two-Wood technique affirms Novo Fogo’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Brazilian law prevents most native trees from being cut down, since most are classified as endangered or protected, so Novo Fogo is committed to sourcing indigenous wood legally and sustainably. Pairing scarce Brazilian woods with American oak doesn’t just produce delicious barrel-aged cachaça; it’s the right thing to do for Brazil’s environment.