A New Set of Tools for Bartenders, by a Bartender

Chris Adams, Founder and Principal of hospitality consultancy Ellis Adams Group, has teamed up with Arc Cardinal’s brand Arcoroc® to create an exclusive barware collection for the global foodservice brand.

In a time when the hospitality industry has undergone many changes, Adams believes it was time the tools also changed to keep pace.

“Your tools play a key part in your ability to make efficient and consistent drinks. If the drinks are not consistently well made due to poor tools, patrons will not return, and they might even tell people negative feedback. This will result in the bar losing revenue.

“It’s a trickle-down effect; bad tools can lead to unhappy guests, which results in loss of business,” says Adams. “For the most part, people make judgment calls within 15 seconds of walking in the bar, so if they do not see quality bar tools, they will immediately think you do not have a good beverage program.”

The collaboration, called the Mix Collection, launches with an array of tools designed for speed and accuracy that can withstand the rigor of high-volume restaurants and bars while still focusing on the craft.

The selection of metal barware essentials includes the Arcoroc® Hawthorne Strainer, Arcoroc® Fine Mesh Strainer, Arcoroc® Julep Strainer, Arcoroc® Tweezer, Arcoroc® Tongs, and more.

When designing the tools, Adams aimed to address the challenges bartenders face behind the bar through a series of small, detailed changes that make a big difference.

“As someone who has worked behind numerous bars and established cocktail programs across the globe for both Marriott brands and Ellis Adams Group concepts, I know how crucial well-made, durable bar tools are,” said Adams, in a press release.

Adams added a notch to the julep strainer so that it fits perfectly on a Yarai mixing glass and makes it easier to strain.

“Additionally, we changed the jigger, so it is now single-sided with an indented foot for ease of use, allowing for one hand pouring. We also made the cylinder clear silicon, so bartenders can view the liquid for quick pours,” says Adams. “The knife (pictured) is larger and now it comes with a sharpener, allowing it to be used for a longer time. This version is longer than a standard paring knife, so bartenders can cut straight through a grapefruit as opposed to switching positions halfway through.

“The Hawthorne Strainer now has a longer coil, allowing for a snug fit for easier straining. This also keeps it from getting loose and popping off.”

Pieces of the collection are currently available for purchase. A set including a carrying bag along with the full collection of tools will be available next year.

“It is such a huge deal and honor to me to have the opportunity to do this,” concludes Adams. “It has given me the chance to help my peers and give back to the industry.”