Moving Targets for Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when word of mouth, a few ads, and a great sign brought business into privately-owned restaurants and nightclubs. Today, it’s all about one thing: Facebook.

Getting more “likes” and stimulating discussion on a Facebook page can now make or break an establishment.

Take Hecky’s Barbecue <>  in Evanston, IL.  Since starting to post regularly on Facebook, he has seen his business grow by over 20% in just one year, enabling him to open three new locations in the Northwestern University Stadium.

Hecky credits the growth to Moving Targets <>  and its Social Media Marketing program which uses an entire team of Facebook and social media experts to create posts and engage with customers on a regular basis, freeing up Hecky to do what he does best – make more barbeque!

The service, which costs $249/month (or $8/day), is proving day after day that it really does drive customers to a restaurant’s site, leading to increased business.

Watch one of Moving Targets’ free webinars <>  specific to this industry coming up tomorrow on the 15th, specific to Nightclubs and Bars, and then another on the 22nd of January, specific to restaurants.