Mekhong Celebrates Success in New York City

On Tuesday, January 27, International Beverage USA hosted an event to celebrate the availability of the Thai spirit Mekhong at 100 of the top-rated bars, club and restaurants in New York City. A unique gold spirit that is made from sugar cane and rice, and infused with indigenous Thai herbs and spices, Mekhong has been manufactured since 1941 at the Bangyikhan Distillery in Bangkok, and is considered to be “synonymous with Thai pride,” according to a statement released by the company.

John Lennon, president of International Beverage USA, New York City, is ecstatic about the versatile spirit’s success in becoming a fixture on cocktail menus throughout Manhattan. “Peru has its pisco, Mexico its tequila, Japan its sake and Brazil its cachaca. Mekhong is quickly finding its place here in the U.S. and being enjoyed by the American market,” he says.

Mekhong is 35% alcohol by volume and is available in a 750-ml bottle, the label on which features a Thai swan boat motif, while its neck dons the red and gold ribbons representative of those Thai boaters tie on their ships to ward off evil spirits.

Some of the adventurous and innovative cocktails served at the event included the Sabai Sabai, the signature Thai welcome drink, the Khing Khong, and the Mekhong Lime & Pear Panya, which won the bronze medal in the brown spirits category at the 2008 Drinks International Cocktail Challenge.