Martell and The Roots Fine Tune Your Taste

The House of Martell, currently celebrating 300 years of crafting fine Cognacs, is banding together with award-winning musicians The Roots to debut The Vanguard Series, a collection of collaborative events. An ideal partnership, Martell and The Roots share a unique bond through their commitment to excellence and achievement, shaping their shared success over the years. The Vanguard Series is a platform to celebrate this success, while experiencing the exceptional Martell portfolio. 

From its inception in 1715, Founder Jean Martell elevated and produced one of the most well-respected spirit brands in the world. As the oldest of the major Cognac houses, Martell has continued to set the standard for excellence and quality by perfecting its approach to producing superior products as result of using Borderies grapes, aging in fine grain Tronçais oak and distilling its cognacs clear of impurities. The Vanguard Series, with the help of The Roots, will continue to push the standards of everyday men and women by sharing the best in culture and craft – the same spirit that Jean Martell embodied that lives on today. 

Taking place in St. Louis, Detroit, Atlanta and Chicago, the Vanguard Series DJ events with Questlove will start in October. Additionally, two concert events with The Roots will take place in Atlanta and Detroit. Throughout the six-part series, fans of Martell will experience live concerts and culinary events and will have the opportunity to taste and experience the Martell portfolio like never before. Each event will also feature local ambassadors from each city, inventive cocktails and specialty food pairings.  

“The Vanguard Series is a sequence of curated events meant to help you refine your taste with a fine and well balanced cognac,” said Wayne Hartunian, Vice President, Scotch & Cognac, Pernod Ricard USA.  “As we continue to celebrate 300 years of pristine quality, we are delighted to partner with The Roots to help provide these memorable experiences that showcase how to take the status quo to the next level by sharing the best in culture and craft.” 

“What makes The Vanguard Series such a special partnership with Martell, is that we are able to combine the art and craftsmanship behind our music along with our favorite cognac,” said Questlove of The Roots. Added Black Thought of The Roots, “We are honored to share in this celebration of achievement and look forward to providing an experience that guests will never forget.”  

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